Wedding Testimonials

oh my good god Dennis,

I just got the package of the e-pics and they are SO amazing (this from a girl who really does not like pictures of herself all that often.) My hands are shaking from looking at them - I LOVE THEM. Thank you!


The photos are stunning. You have this remarkable capacity to present people in their best light. You were completely right about the *glow* after the ceremony. Everyone looked relaxed and happy and that was exactly what we were going for with our wedding. We had a lovely time reliving moments from the wedding when we looked through them last Friday. I would have written sooner, but we've been in NYC until yesterday. We'll be looking through them again soon. My friend, Jilan, loved the photographs I gave her. She looked so exhuberant and beautiful. Everyone at her shower found the pictures astonishing.

We really lucked out, beginning to end on our wedding. Your pictures were like the icing on the cake.

All the best,


Hi DD, We got the pictures yesterday, and Jason and I were up 'til almost 2am looking at them and reminiscing about the wedding. They look great, Dennis--we love them. I really love the portraits of the older folks, Uncle George, Aunt Leona, Gramps...and there are some fantastic shots of Jason and his dad, and the pre-ceremony pics are super...I could go on and on. You captured so many wonderful moments. Jason and I are looking forward to choosing the ones for the album. When you look at pictures of yourself in unguarded moments, do you find it difficult to see yourself objectively? There's a line in a poem that keeps running through my head " the body never stops dreaming it's twenty-five."  I'm thinking about the pictures of Aunt Leona, I guess. She's 84, and she hates pictures of herself. She's a pistol. I guess I should do some work here. Hope you're well!



Hey Dennis,
Sorry it's taken so long to write you. Bahram and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. The pictures are fabulous! Bahram's mom keeps telling everyone about how you're the best photographer she's ever seen. Thank you again for all your hard work; it was especially nice to receive the pics so soon after. Stay in touch!


Leila and Bahram

Hi Dennis,
The pictures you took at our wedding look great! We could not imagine that they would turn out that well. We were really overwhelmed with looking through them. There are so many great pictures of our family and friends which seem to capture their personalities that it makes me ashamed to own a camera. 8) Thanks again for the awesome pictures, Dennis you are truly amazing I can not believe how awesome the pictures are...I mean, I knew they would be awesome, but they are AWESOME!!!....we looked at them last night and I wanted to call you immediately and tell you how talented and wonderful you are.... thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of Michael's heart...the pictures are so fabulously perfect, THANK YOU!!


I LOVE THEM! You did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the wedding. I am so happy with how they turned out. Thank you again for everything. All I can say is WOW!


I absolutely LOVE the pictures!! You know, it's hard (for me at least) to just totally trust someone else with something that's as important as wedding photos. I had such images of how I wanted the day to be, and how I hoped it would come across in the photos. You definitely exceeded my expectations. I can't stop looking at them! The shots are interesting, it's a great mix of color and black and white, there are pictures of details, and really they just tell an amazing story of the day. Everyone loved working with you, and we hardly even knew you there. Everyone that's seen the pictures has said, "I didn't even see him when we were doing that."  That, I think is a great compliment! Thank you so, so much. 

You're an amazing photographer, and I thank you so much for capturing our very special day!

All the best,


Thank you soooo much for the pictures. We got the DVD on Friday and have been enjoying it entire weekend. We have seen the pictures several times by now and every time we are surprised how great they are! I could not expect anything more! Omar and I love, and I mean love all the photos!

Grace and Omar