Family Portrait FAQ

Below you will see answers to the most common questions I get about my family portrait services. If your question is still not answered, or if you're ready to book a session, please email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP! 


What are your sessions like? 

Kids get bored standing in one place for too long and most adults (myself included!)  are self-conscious when they have a camera fixed on them for minutes on end. My solution is to keep things moving, active and fun, without excessive posing or direction.

I’m also very flexible and open to things that happen spontaneously (Indeed, a lot of my best pictures come from these happy accidents).  So if your two year old wanders away from the group portrait to play in the flowers, then I switch gears and grab that photo!  

What types of sessions and packages do you offer? 

Please check here for my latest offerings:


What should we wear? 

Basically, you don’t want the clothing you wear to our shoot to be distracting. Great family photos are about faces and facial expressions, and anything that pulls attention away from those sparkling eyes and smiling mouth makes the photos weaker. 

So, I’d avoid clothing with text and bold patterns as well as any crazy jewelry. Very bright/white clothing should also be avoided (it’s OK if you have something like a white shirt with a darker sweater on top). 

If you wear mid-toned to dark solid clothing you can’t go wrong. If in doubt, bring a few options to show me.  

How many photos will we get? 

I give you all the photos that I think are good but not redundant. I typically deliver somewhere between 50-100 final images per hour of shooting time (though I may shoot 10 times that number!) 

Can I schedule a mini session whenever I want?

Mini sessions are on select days and locations only.  To find out about upcoming sessions, please join my mailing list.  I usually do a bunch of these in the spring (starting around cherry blossom time), slow down during the hottest part of the summer, then pick up in the fall until it gets uncomfortably cold outside.  
Some of my favorite family shoot locations are Cylburn Arboretum, Cromwell Valley Park, Sherwood Gardens and Federal Hill. If you have a favorite spot you think I should consider, please let me know! 

How can I join your mailing list? 

Please go to the link below. It only takes a few seconds to sign up, and I only send out emails about once per month.

Do you edit or retouch photos? 

I adjust all your final images for color balance, exposure and contrast, and generally shoot in soft, flattering light. In other words, the images you receive in your online gallery are pretty optimal!  If you want more advanced or detailed retouching, please contact me about additional fees. 

What do I receive after the shoot and when? 

I put all of your final images in an online, password-protected gallery that you can share with your family and friends. You can download high-resolution images from the gallery as well as order prints and other products. 

It usually takes me ten business days or less after our shoot to finish my editing and uploading. If you need your photos expedited for some reason, let me know and I can probably accommodate your request. 

Do I have rights to the images? 

I grant you an unlimited personal license to use and share your images, order prints, post on Facebook, etc.   I do hold on to my copyright, which would only affect you if the image were to be used commercially (which I do not allow without permission). 

Will you put my photos on your website? 

I often like to feature recent photos on my website, blog or Facebook page, but I will always check with you first. If you want your photos to remain private, I absolutely respect that! 

How can I make an appointment? 

Please email me and give me an idea when you would like to schedule. I take a $100 deposit via Paypal to lock appointments in my calendar. 

When is the final payment due? 

Final payment is due upon delivery of the images. You can pay with Paypal, or many people just bring a check to the session. 

What if we have inclement weather during my outdoor session? 

We can either reschedule, look for an indoor location (like your house), or I can just return your deposit. Up to you. 

My event or portrait session doesn’t seem to fit any of your standard sessions. What can I do? 

No worries, this happens all the time. Sometimes, I’ll do something like take candid photos at a family reunion for a while and then do an hour of portraits. Please email me with more details and I can make some suggestions and work out a custom package. 

That said, my mini session rate is my minimum rate, no matter how simple or quick your job may be. 

How long will my photos be online? 

Your photos are guaranteed to be online for three months, after that they could come down at any time to make more room on the server. If I have to re-upload your there is a $75 charge (so please download your images in time!) 

Do you archive the photos? 

You are ultimately responsible for your photos after the three months, but I do archive and keep backups of everything I shoot. So if you lose your images at some point, I’ll almost certainly be able to get you copies.