Wedding in Cartagena, Colombia | Perfectly Disorganized

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bride waits in a doorway before her wedding in Cartagena, Colombia.

Did you just see a pig fly past your window?  Because Dennis Drenner has actually gotten married!   Karen and I had a fantastic event in her native Colombia last week, enveloped by the beauty of Cartagena and surrounded by many of our closest friends and family members.

In true Colombian live-in-the-moment fashion, things were slightly disorganized and more fun that we could have imagined.  Rings were misplaced, readings were forgotten, and a piano broke five minutes before the ceremony. A beer vendor on the street sold out her entire inventory in seconds, and Miss Teen Colombia showed up at the reception and danced with some of the guests amidst a throng of carnaval dancers. Spanish speakers somehow spent entire days with English speakers and everyone had a great time. Salsa music flavored the proceedings like cilantro in the cazuela.

Karen hangs up her wedding dress in CartagenaA bride plays with pigeons before walking into her wedding at San Pedro Claver in Cartagena, Colombia.Wedding ceremony at San Pedro Claver Church in Colombia.bride and groom walk through the plaza de coches in cartagena, colombia after their weddinggroup wedding photo at the church of san pedro claver in colombiagroom hugs his father after a wedding in cartagena, colombiaspeeches at a wedding reception at casa de cerveza in cartagena, colombiadancing at a wedding reception in cartagena, colombiadancing at a wedding reception at casa de cerveza

The photographers!  From left to right: Me, Mary Gardella, Michael Bonfigli, Paul Smith, Michael Temchine, Michael Lutzky.

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