Judah and Rivka at Kesher Israel Congregation

Thursday, August 01, 2013

bedecken at jewish wedding

Judah and Rivka were married at Kesher Israel Congregation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  (Harrisburg is my old stomping grounds from when I was a fledgling photojournalist at the Patriot News, so it was fun to visit). 

As is so often the case with Jewish weddings, Judah and Rivka's event was full of joy and emotion. People often joke about their faces breaking my camera, but at this event my camera almost broke from the furious pace at which I was taking photos. There were pictures everywhere.

A few highlight photos from a great event below. 

hugginggrandmother at jewish wedding at kesher israeloutside of kesher israel congregation in harrisburg pajewish bride portraitportrait of a man at a jewish weddingkabbalat panimparents at bedeckengreeting guests during the kabbalat panimkiddush cup detailmen dancing into ceremony

bride walks down the aisle with her parents

kesher israel weddingceremonyspeaker at orthodox jewish weddingemotional bride rivka

dancing after ceremonyladies dancinglarge ciricle of dancers at jewish weddingschticklaughing wedding guestsmore dancing

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