Jess and Ben at Beth El Congregation in Baltimore

Saturday, September 07, 2013

jewish wedding schtick

I knew I wanted to work with Ben and Jessica from their first email inquiry.  Ben wrote to me that he was "looking for a photographer who gets that weddings are about people and not about centerpieces. I saw your work and said to myself, 'he gets it!' " I've never heard a more succinct summary of my approach to wedding photography, felt very flattered, and was excited when Ben and Jess decided to hire me a few weeks later.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Beth El Congregation in Baltimore, and were so full of action and joy that I almost broke my shutter finger trying to keep up. During the portraits to the ketubah signing, from the kabbalat panim and grooms tish to the chuppah and the reception, everything was smiles and hugs and love, and I felt myself carried along by all the energy--until ready to collapse at the end of the night.  Fortunately I had lots of help from my lovely wife and second shooter, Karen Alvarez, and my good friend and fellow professional photographer Michael Temchine (who I sometimes second for).

Below, a few photos from a truly memorable day.

wedding portraits at beth el

ketubah signingketubah signing

Signing of the ketubah or Jewish wedding contract.

kabbalat panim

At Jess' kabbalat panim, everyone sang songs.

tisch at jewish wedding

Ben's tish, photo by Michael Temchine

breaking plate at jewish wedding

The mothers of the bride and groom break a plate at the groom's tish. Photo by Michael Temchine

bride at kabbalt panim singing

groom gets emotional at bedecken

Ben gets a little emotional seeing Jess at the bedecken. This photo by my wife Karen.

family prayers during bedecken

Ben and his father hug.

bride and groom at bedecken

jess walks down the aisle with her parentswedding guest reaction

ben and jess under the chuppah

As you can see, Jess has a great sense of humor and was a blast to photograph. 

jewish wedding blessing

Photo on the right by Michael Temchine.

ring exchange

kiss under chuppah

Accidentally stepped in front of the videographer to get this shot. Sorry, Jim!

Wedding are about people and not centerpieces as Ben said in his email, but they still had some really nice centerpieces so I had to take a few photos!

hora dance at jewish wedding in baltimorefirst dancefirst dance

Photos by Michael Temchine

shtick at jewish weddingwedding shtick

reception dancing

singer from bachelor boys band

A singer from the Bachelor Boys Band.

wedding toast from maid of honorparents toastwedding guests raise their glasses

slow dance


Here's some of my fellow wedding vendors who helped make this event a big success: 


Music: Bachelor Boys Band and Mark Novak Band

Caterer: Betty the Caterer

Videographer: Jim Skipper, Black Tie Video  (I've worked with Jim a lot and he's great!)

Florist: Emily Harmon

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