Wedding at the Elm | Chris and Mary Pat

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

wedding at the elm in baltimore, hampden neighborhood

Chris is an old friend -- and one of the finest photographers and filmmakers in Baltimore. It was a pleasure to snap some photos of his recent wedding to the lovely Mary Pat at The Elm in Hampden.  Chris has a lot of talented photographer friends who were also snapping away this day, so I was feeling no pressure to perform. There was plenty of backup! 

The ceremony and reception were at The Elm, a little gem of a venue tucked away a few blocks below the Avenue in Hampden.  It’s a great place for intimate events. It also couldn't be more convenient for me. The Elm is on Elm Avenue. I live on Elm Ave. It is literally right down the street from me.

Chris and Mary Pat were joined at the altar by Chris’ two sons who set off fireworks at the end of the ceremony (probably in violation of some city ordinance--- rebel wedding!!)  Below, a few photos from a wonderful afternoon. 

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