Emily and Misty’s Surprise Wedding at Sotto Sopra

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Same sex wedding Baltimore at Mt Vernon square

Emily and Misty's guests thought they were going to a party after a courthouse wedding ceremony. Instead they were treated to a big surprise when the pair decided to get married right in front of them, their most loved family and friends. In keeping with this unexpected turn of events, the restaurant where things took place -- Sotto Sopra in downtown Baltimore -- means "upside down" in Italian.

We started the shoot with some portraits of Emily and Misty in Mount Vernon Square before running back to the restaurant so they could hide.  The ceremony was lovely and intimate, officiated by a close friend, and watched over by many a non-dry eye. Afterwards, a great meal, drinks and dancing. Hat's off to Sotto Sopra for their excellent food and lovely staff. (Karen and I went back a few weeks later for seconds!) 

My congratulations and best wishes to Emily and Misty. I've never met nicer people or met a happier couple -- just look at their expressions in these photos!

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A deep breath before the big surprise.

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My wife Karen couldn't stop talking about this tortellini.

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