Story of the Photo: Fox Hunter

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

fox hunter taking a jump in maryland

I've ridden horses on and off for years and love it. But while photographing them, I am constantly frustrated at my inability to convey the power and excitement of galloping across a field or jumping an obstacle. I think the problem might be the distance. If a horse and rider are moving, you're probably shooting them from far away with a long lens, which removes all the intimacy and feeling from the photo.

I consider this shot my most successful attempt so far.  I was photographing a fox hunt on foot (a great workout, by the way!) and caught up with this rider about to take a jump. I threw on a wide lens and panned him with a slow shutter as his horse launched over a big log. The power these animals have is incredible, especially a fit hunt horse like this one.

Incidentally, a few months after this photo was taken, the rider was hit by a car while working a fox hunt north of Baltimore. He suffered a compound fracture of the femur, but was back in the saddle a month later.

Posted by Dennis on 09/18 at 08:56 PM