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Monday, February 15, 2016

baltimore executive portraits

Ever wonder what a wedding photographer does in the winter off-season?  I almost never get weddings in January and February, except when I'm lucky enough to score a destination shoot in Key West or perhaps down in Cartagena, Colombia.  So when the snow is falling (and I'm not wrapped up my schnuggy eating Doritos and watching old episodes of 'The Wire'),  I keep busy and keep my photo muscles in shape doing headshots. 

In a world of tweets, text messages and email, I really love the longer, in-person conversations I get to have during headshot shoots. Recently I've had all sorts of interesting folks in my studio, from businessmen coming out of retirement to start exciting new careers to lawyers working at the Supreme Court.

Part of the reason for these conversations is strictly selfish -- I'm interested in people and like asking them about their lives. But there is also a professional motive as well, because in talking to people about themselves I can often uncover their passions and loves. It might be their children, traveling to Italy, Celtic tattoos, sailing or anime. When I find this little nugget, that's when they really forget the camera and light up. It may be just a fleeting expression, but thern I only need 1/125th of a second! (How's that for a short workday?)

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