Maternity Portraits in Baltimore

Friday, June 15, 2012

Studio portraits of pregnant women in Baltimore by Dennis Drenner


This spring I sprung into a new photographic speciality: maternity portraits. I was excited when my former wedding client Michelle called (you can see her above with her husband Scott), telling me they were pregnant with twins and wanted to take some maternity photos in my studio. I had to admit that in the past I had mostly photographed humans who were not in someone else's stomach, but I was eager to take on the challenge!

The shoot went really well and since then I've gotten a few more calls (from Grace and Omar, Bojana and Jivko, Jackie and Drew) and have immensely enjoyed the work. In the case of former wedding clients it is wonderful to reconnect with them a few years after the wedding and see them at this new exciting moment in their lives. (Maybe if I take care of myself I'll be able to shoot some bar and bat mitzvahs in 13 years!)

What I like to show in these portraits is the connection between the parents and the unborn child, and their excitement and anticipation at the huge changes that are coming in their lives in just a few months. And of course, in purely graphic terms, there's a real beauty to the graceful swell of a pregnant belly!


Baltimore portrait photographer Dennis Drenner at work in Sherwood Gardens.

A Baltimore Messenger photographer wandered past one of my maternity shoot in Sherwood Gardens,  revealing my lucky shooting jeans to the world. That's my wife Karen working the reflector.


Michelle at my studio in Woodberry.


Jackie in Sherwood Gardens.


Bojana and Jivko photographed at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore

Bojana and Jivko in Sherwood Gardens.


Black and white portrait of a married couple at Sherwood gardensOmar and Grace photographed with the tulips at Sherwood Gardens

Omar and Grace with the spring tulip explosion at Sherwood Gardens.


Jackie and Drew.

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