Maryland Steeplechase Story in Maryland Life Magazine

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

maryland steeplechase photos

I had a very happy surprise when I was browsing through Maryland Life Magazine at the grocery store yesterday:  My long-awaited Maryland steeplechasing story had finally been published --- and with a fantastic layout with four doublepage spreads!  The story is a combination of race photos (many taken with remote cameras positioned beneath the jumps) and portraits. The portraits include some of the legends and unsung heroes of the Maryland horse world, including jockey Tommy Smith (who took a Maryland horse to the Grand National in England and won!), horse trainer Anne Stewart, and groom Donald Howard.  

Special thanks to my friend and horse guru Sarah Stein who I bugged relentlessly to tap her contacts and wealth of knowledge as I worked on this project. 

maryland horse racing

Posted by Dennis on 04/12 at 03:34 AM