Favorite Wedding Vendors

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with some great wedding vendors, and I wanted to list a few of them here. In general, these are people who I have found to be experienced professionals who radiate a sense of geniune friendliness and grace under pressure, and who deliver great results every time. Exactly the type of people you want around you on your wedding day!



Debbie Federico   looksmd.com

A calm presence for the nervous soon-to-be-wed, when Debbie's not making up brides, she is giving her special glow to top athletes for Under Armour commercials. 



Romance of Flowers  romanceofflowers.com

These guys do such beautiful work that it is frustrating for me as a photographer, because I never feel like I can do it justice. Check out their slick website to see what I'm talking about.



Gilah Press and Design | Kat Feuerstein    www.gilahpress.com

Beautiful designs printed on turn-of-the-century letter press machines by an army of nine-fingered interns.



Eddie Chabot  DJE Entertainment  www.djeentertainment.net

I've worked a few weddings with Eddie now and he's a cool cat who knows how to get the party moving. I also personally love that he has a lot of great latin music in his library.

DJ Carl Junior  www.classicdjs.com  410-879-0990

Carl stands out among the many DJs I have worked with for both his classy demeanor and the great music he plays. As a veteran of hundreds of weddings, I've heard the tired old playlists too many times to count. When Carl is on duty, his playlist lifts my spirits and gets my foot tapping as much as it does for the guests.

Meredith Marx Entertainment   MEREDITHMARX@hotmail.com   http://www.freewebs.com/meredithmarxentertainment/

When not DJ'ing weddings, Meredith is reporting on traffic for 100.7 The Bay!



Black Tie Video Productions  blacktievideo.net

I've run into Jim Skipper at a bunch of wedding now and he's a relaxed professional who produces great video, works unobtrusively and is a pleasure to be around. Highly recommended. 

Blue Sky Films   blueskyfilms.com 

It is harder for videographers to be unobtrusive than it is for photographers, but these guys have pulled it off every time I've worked with them. Check out the great work on their website.



Ribbon Box Events  ribbonboxevents.com

Tiffany Parry's calm demeanor was formed in the crucible of the DC corporate event world. Friendly, confident and unflappable, TIffany is the type of person you want around you on your wedding day. 

Posted by Dennis on 02/01 at 07:16 PM