Family Portraits at Cylburn Aboretum

Saturday, December 24, 2016

family portraiture at cylburn arboretum

You need to keep family shoots snappy because most kids will run out of steam after 30 minutes or so.  For this reason, all of my favorite portrait spots have many background options in a fairly confined area. At Cylburn Arboretum, one of my favorite locations in Baltimore, we can shoot a bit under the big oak tree, then run up on the porch of the mansion, then head to the stone bench, the concrete lions, the Japanese maple, the big field, the trail through the woods....   Everything is just a few steps away, so I can keep the shoot moving and productive. By the time junior starts to squirm with impatience and hunger, we're done with hundreds of great photos in the bag!

You might think that shooting like this would become boring for me, contantly shooting the same photo in the same place. But the changing seasons and light mean that I'm always finding new angles. In this shoot here, the sun was peeping over a large dark bush in a way I had never noticed before. It allowed some nice backlight on the family without going directly into the lens and ruining the photo. 

A dad gets down on the ground with his baby at Cylburn arboretum in Baltimore
A mom and dad get down on the ground with their baby at Cylburn arboretum in Baltimore
Family portraits of a mom and her young baby with backlight in BaltimoreFamily portraits of a mom and dad and their young baby with backlight in Baltimore
Posted by Dennis on 12/24 at 01:18 PM
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