Engagement Session at Cromwell Valley Park : Angela and David

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

engagement photos at cromwell valley park - angela and david

A lot of people seem to think that photography is about technique and equipment. Put a nice camera in a professional's hands and they can make powerful images at the drop of a hat. Not so.

In my mind at least, the job is mostly being in the right place at the right time, and then being a good psychologist once you're there. The first bit is preparation and planning -- as in this shoot where we planned to be in a beautiful park about two hours before sunset.  Great light, great backgrounds, the stage was set and lit and ready for the actors to take the stage.

The second part, the psychology, involves making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, distracting them if they feel insecure.  Ideally you get them to forget you're even there. With Angela and David,  this last part was so easy I felt like I was working with professional models! (I actually felt a bit guilty, like I wasn't working hard enough). 

These guys are so happy being together, I can't wait to photograph their wedding next year! I know it is going to be a blast, and another shoot where the images just spring into the camera without much coaxing or effort on my part.

epix at cromwell valley with a barn in the backgroundengagement photos of angela and david north of baltimoreengagement photos under a treeangela and david walking along the fence linecouple sitting under a tree during their engagement shootcouple photos in adirondack chairssave the date photocouple lying on grass during engagement portraits

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