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Friday, May 23, 2014

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I attended a corporate awards event the other night where the nominees’ headshots were displayed on a large video screen as they were introduced. About half of the photos looked pretty nice. The rest…. Ooof!! Many looked they were shot with an iPhone in the hotel lobby minutes before the event: Plants in the background, harsh side lighting reflecting off shiny skin. Not the kind of photo you want displayed on your LinkedIn page or company website --- not to mention in front of hundreds of your peers on a huge screen!

Don’t worry. I am here to help.

I’ve been doing portraits and headshots for over 20 years – for companies, law firms, news organizations and individuals. My specialty is making people look and feel comfortable in front of the camera, and in lighting people in the most flattering way possible.  Every personality and every face is a fun little puzzle. Does that dark hair need a bit of reflector on the side to bring out some shine? Can I adjust the light a bit to put a sparkle in the eye or slim down that double chin?  How can I put this self-conscious person at ease? The end result is often the best photo of yourself you've seen in a very long time.


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How The Sessions Work

My method is simple. I set up my lights and background at your location and schedule as many people as you like to come in for a shoot.  I just need about 10 by 10 feet of space, and a conference room usually works nicely.

I prefer to schedule one session every 10-15 minutes, which leaves time for shooting as well as for reviewing your favorite images right after. That way we leave the session knowing we have photos you are satisfied with and which is your favorite.  If you or your staff doesn’t have time for reviewing photos, I can put the images in an online gallery for later review.

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Every session includes a digital retouch of your favorite image (one per person). I remove blemishes and fly away hairs and do some other subtle Photoshop magic, with the emphasis on subtle. If you can tell that a photo has been retouched, then someone has gone too far. (Sometimes they go way too far… )

Alternative Looks

While many people are looking for a classic business headshot, others may want a portrait that is a bit more dramatic or interesting. As a veteran magazine photographer, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve and can easily produce some alternative looks for you during our sessions. (If you’re a tech executive for example, maybe you want a headshot with a Wired Magazine look).  Some looks can be done with the same lighting setup, others require an additional setup and background. Please see some examples here and inquire for more details.

alternative headshot looks

alternative executive headshot

My rate for standard business headshots is $500 for the initial set up (includes up to three hours of shooting time), plus $25 per person.  (So headshots for a group of five people would cost a total of $625).

As mentioned above, my fee also includes a retouch of one image per person.

Add Ons

Additional retouch (one retouched image per person included)      $25
Additional hours (over three)                                                           $50
Additional lighting set up (for alternative look)                               $250

Posted by Dennis on 05/23 at 06:52 PM