Friday, March 21, 2008

After two weeks working in hot, dusty and loud Karachi, I was ready for a beer and a foot massage. And maybe some crispy Peking duck. Fortunately, all are readily available in China, the next stop on my month long journey. 

I spent a week each in Shanghai and Beijing with a quick trip outside of Beijing to see the Great Wall. I had never been to China before, but I will definitely be going back! The place has an incredible energy and sense of possibility. I felt like I was riding on the back of a great whale heading full speed for the surface.

I did some shooting on this trip, producing stock images for my agency, but I spent a lot more time just wandering around, soaking the place up, eating sea cucumbers and shark stomachs, drinking sweet green "wine,"and trying, with little success, to pick up a bit of Mandarin. Záijián!

Tianamen Square.


This one’s for mom. 

Posted by Dennis on 03/21 at 07:28 PM