Announcing District Portraits, Corporate Headshots for Washington, DC

Thursday, December 28, 2017

District Portraits logo

Every year after the holidays, photography work tends to get slow for a few weeks and my impatient mind starts looking for projects. About two years ago, my winter project was a new website dedicated to headshot photography: Charm City Headshots. I was actually doing that site as more of a coding project, and I was a bit surprised at the demand I tapped into.  (For my fellow nerds: the site has a Django backend, is hosted on Heroku, and has a modified Bootstrap template by Little Neko.)

So... it's a winter again, I'm impatient, and so I've launched another site dedicated to headshots and corporate portraits in Washington, DC: District Portraits.  Little crab holding a camera, meet little eagle holding a camera (by the way, both crab and eagle were designed by my favorite graphic designers and drinking buddies over at Gilah Press).

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Posted by Dennis on 12/28 at 07:36 AM